Hire Remote QA Engineers for Your Projects

We help businesses all over the world achieve their goals and bring high-quality experiences to their customers. Our team is offering access to a wide talent pool in Eastern Europe when it comes to expert quality assurance professionals.

We will find the best suitable candidates for your specific requirements in a short time. QA engineers with a particular skill set and experience will help enhance products and processes and achieve the next level of success. We offer flexible cooperation as you can choose to hire a QA expert full-time with monthly fixed payment or part-time with hour-based payment.

All Levels of QA
Specialists Covered

There are different specializations in the sphere of quality assurance. No matter what level of expertise you are looking for, we can provide the best candidates in the field. These are:

  • Manual QA Engineer

    A manual QA engineer is responsible for planning, performing, and analyzing test results of a particular product or solution. Such specialists can work independently on designing test manuals and scripts. They can perform tests of different levels (feature, regressing, system, etc) and find any errors or bugs. They develop test cases and report on the findings to the team.

  • Automation QA Engineer

    These professionals focus on the optimization and automation of repetitive, high-volume, or redundant tasks. They also design automated testing tools for the software development process. They take part in the development, testing, and deployment of such solutions. Among the main responsibilities, there are troubleshooting, eliminating any risks, and making sure the efficiency is on the top level.

  • QA Team Lead

    The team lead is a senior-level expert with expertise in all parts of quality assurance processes. This position requires wide experience, deep knowledge of specific tools, best practices, and team management methods. The team lead is responsible for the team’s performance on the projects. Such experts oversee workflow, set deadlines, assign tasks, and take part in all stages of the project.

  • QA Documentation Specialist

    These professionals focus on the creation of proper documentation for quality assurance. They write specifications for new testing tools and scripts. They also review and verify previous records to see whether the procedures and QA testing complies with the best practices.

  • QA Analyst

    QA analysts are the final experts to review the product before its release whether it is a game or a website. They oversee the production/development process and its compliance with engineers’ specifications. They also create inspection procedures and audit scripts for the development process.

Steps to Hire a QA Consultant

Describe your needs and requirements for a professional
Our team selects candidates, reviews CVs, and finds the most suitable ones
Invite the candidates for an interview and choose the best
Begin cooperation on your project
If you are looking for an expert QA engineer or consultant, our team is ready to hire them for you!

Types of Tasks Performed by
QA Experts

  • Gather, analyze, and clarify requirements for a particular software or product;
  • Draft the process of testing according to requirements and development process;
  • Create test scenarios and scripts;
  • Perform functional testing on all levels;
  • Identify any problem areas, describe them, and send them to the development team for resolution;
  • Communicate with developers on the ways to fix these errors;
  • Follow up the fixing process and make sure all imperfections are dealt with;
  • Re-test previously found issues;
  • Analyze the testing process and results;
  • Create and maintain QA documentation and specification;
  • Optimize the QA procedures based on the analysis.
QA Consulting Services
We Provide
Part-time Consultancy from a Senior-level QA Consultant

Part-time consultancy is perfect for projects on a smaller scale that do not require a full-time engagement. This model of hiring is also beneficial for mid-sized companies or startups that need to stay on the budget. A senior-level QA consultant will evaluate the project requirements, draft the testing plan, and create scripts to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Full-time Dedicated QA Engineer

We offer full-time cooperation with highly-skilled QA specialists to power up your internal team. Such professionals will ensure the highest quality of the product, optimization of testing processes, and excellent results. You will be in full control of the remote QA engineer’s workload. This partnership helps achieve your business goals.

Are you ready to bring your quality assurance to the next level?
Hire the best experts in Eastern Europe with us!
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